The Richards in Paris | Wedding Portraits

Sometimes the universe brings truly special people into your life. 
We had the cherished honour of traveling with Rachel + Rob to Paris, France + Venice, Italy.  We got to join them on a trip of a lifetime, and watch them bask in newlywed bliss.  We got to know them over the course of this wedding journey, learn their stories, and most importantly, we had a front row seat to why their love makes so much sense. It was the most memorable experience full of SO much laughter, wine, exploring, photography chats, and getting "lost" together.  Having waited a long time to find their true soulmate in one another, and having been through so much as people - these two humans truly deserve ultimate happiness. 

R + R do not do anything halfway... so when it came to their honeymoon, 
they wanted to do something unique, with zero regrets.  Both being world-renowned doctors, these two give so much of themselves professionally and personally to everyone they meet, so it was such a special thing to be able to dote on them and
to be a part of a longtime dream.  Who gets to do that?  Eric and I are very, very grateful to have joined
them and to have a saga of unparalleled, hilarious, and unforgettable memories together!  
Take a walk with them through the streets and paths of Paris, and as we all celebrated
their beautiful, ever-evolving love story. 

xo Richelle & Eric

These photos & these people are part of my heart. ♥