leanne & nick

"Of the many decisions that must be made when planning your dream wedding, I believe that selecting the
right photographer is by far the most important. From illustrating the highlights of the day and illuminating the details that were
so carefully selected, to capturing the emotion in each moment and the love that is experienced throughout the celebration, their task is far from simple.

Working with Richelle Hunter was the absolute best decision that I ever could have made when choosing a wedding photographer.
From the moment we met she was professional, sweet, and exceptionally talented. Her knowledge was reassuring and her passion was evident. Throughout the process, her beautiful heart and fantastic personality were contagious, and her commitment to both her work and her clients was unmistakable.

She added positivity and cheerfulness to my wedding experience as a whole, and I was able to maintain complete confidence that my photos would be exactly as I had envisioned. On the day of the wedding, Richelle was fabulous—she didn’t miss a detail, and she captured the day in a way that I only ever could have dreamed. What I loved most is that she was able to document the celebration from various different perspectives and produce a complete story of the celebration through photos. Her detail was impeccable, her style was flawless, and our happiness is absolutely beaming through our photos. It takes a true artist to be able freeze moments of such raw and genuine emotion in time, and produce pictures that can re-ignite those feeling with just a simple glimpse.

Thanks to Richelle, my husband and I will forever be able to reminisce on our special day and be reminded of the moments that brought us to where we are today. Richelle was a shining star, and I am so thankful to have been able to work with her."

- Leanne & Nick
You can watch Leanne & Nick's Wedding Video we created over on Eric Frank Cinema


"When we were hiring our wedding vendors, we wanted people who were not only incredibly talented, creative and innovative – but genuinely incredible people to work with, because at the end of the day, we wanted our wedding to feel as good as it looked. Richelle and Eric more than fit this bill.

When Richelle and I had our first Skype conversation, it was like talking to a longtime friend. She exudes kindness, compassion and an attention to detail that is unparalleled, and makes her clients feel not only instantly at ease and in very good hands, but understood and cared for.

On the day of, these two absolutely shone. They kept everyone on schedule and smiling, and created the most beautiful art out of beautiful moments in our lives that were all too fleeting. I can’t express how much this meant to both of us.

When you invest in photographers like Richelle and Eric, you aren’t just getting stunning photographs (and they will be just that – unbelievably stunning), you’re getting two people who see and capture your day in a way you’ll want your potential children and grandchildren to see – beautiful, magical, and most of all, full of love and laughter.

We love you both,"
- Lauren & Sebastian

lesley & sean

"Richelle - where do I begin? Thank you and Eric so much for all of your hard work at our wedding. Wow. 
What a hot day that was... you kept us cool, both emotionally and temperature-wise! Eric even acted as the bouquet carrier when it got too heavy for me - we both thank you for that! Beyond your meaningful presence on our day, the photos are prefectly timeless - soft, elegant tones, and SO MANY CANDID MOMENTS - exactly what I hoped for!!!

That day was truly magical for us and we will never forget it - you two were such a big part of this. 
We just wish we had a few photos of you guys working on the day - our hard-working, amazing photographers! 

Our stunning Wedding Album of your handiwork has become one of our most prized possessions!  Thanks once again.
You two are absolutely incredible. We adore you both your imagery and your sweet selves! We can't wait for our next shoot with you!"

- Lesley

tyler & rachel 

"Richelle and Eric: this is Rachel’s Dad. 
             Thank you so much for pulling everything together from engagement to wedding for Rachel & Tyler; all the help and kindness meant the absolute world to both them and to myself. You & Eric did so much that day and we all noticed.

You both have a wonderful gift of capturing what the rest of us do not see.

I remember Rachel following your work years ago, enthusiastically showing me and saying that the when the time came to marry, that THIS is the person she wanted behind the camera. It is no wonder.  I can certainly see it is much more than just a job for the both of you, but a real passion.
This passion and your
 fun personalities greatly inspire others.

            Thanks again for letting a proud dad relive the past year’s highlights in the lives of his daughter and new son.
You two are just amazing.

Always grateful,"
Rachel's Dad, Paul