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We love to combine BOTH photography & VIDEOGRAPHY 

to make your wedding experience cohesive & absolutely unforgettable.

Richelle Hunter Photography works alongside Eric Frank Cinema & his team creating timeless films for brides and grooms. 
While we don't exclusively work together, our brides can enjoy a discount when using both teams - we also simply love
that aesthetically, our work matches so your wedding photos and film will compliment each other. 
I can't help but be partial, because of course - Eric is my husband! However, I would do almost anything to reverse time, clone him,
and have him film our own wedding day - that is how much I love his work. 

Through photo and video, we love using visual storytelling to share the journey of a couple, a brand or a project.
When it's a bigger project, we work with a curated team who accompanies us in making your cinema experience incredible
Inquire at Eric Frank Cinema for our catalogue or to chat about a unique project. 

We shoot all over the world...

...but share our time hopping between Toronto & traveling Europe.
No location is too far - most of our work is destination!
We love beautiful styling, unique aesthetics, timelessness, playfulness, and couples who are ridiculously down-to-Earth. We want to tell your story.

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