The following is a list of items required you bring with you for your Wedding Morning!
This is how to prepare for your day with us! You can start gathering for your Details Box

The "Richelle Box" and the "Eric Box":
Reserve a shoe box or small basket of items that are all ready and set aside for us! The box itself doesn’t matter - it’s a place to keep your precious wedding items safe and organized and should contain details that compliment your day, that we will use for photos in the morning. Everything listed below is absolutely essential.


BRIDE box: 

► all of the Wedding Rings
► pretty perfume bottle (or a vintage one you find in a thrift store!)
► your wedding jewelry (bracelets, earrings)
► gift/letter from groom if applicable
► a vintage metal pretty tray, if possible
► any vintage details (just a suggestion!) 
► pretty elegant heels 
(if you are wearing no-fuss flats, please bring some pretty heels for us to shoot. Unless they are extra beautiful flats of course!)


► your wedding invitation suite 
- two copies is even better so I have the option to shoot front/back of two sided pieces

 extra blooms & florals for photo styling from your florist 
ask your Florist before your wedding for this - that would be great! A variety of small blooms that compliment your day would be great, so I can use them for invitation styling. They can arrive early during the morning - with your Bouquets!


groom box: 

► cufflinks/watch
► tie
► shoes
► boutonnières
► scotch/drink/cigars of choice
► cologne if applicable
► gift/letter from bride if applicable
► metal or wood tray, if possible