a little bit about Lo...

A few of my favourite things


Cooking fresh, locally sourced meals for the people I love.
I'm happiest when I'm in the kitchen making a mess and experimenting with produce from my favourite local farmers, butchers and cheese-mongers. My current favourite dishes to whip up are Croque Monsieur, my dad's classic banana bread and Chicken Tangine with preserved lemons. 


Traveling places that remind me that the world is not only beautiful, but terribly interesting.
My husband and I recently spent our honeymoon in the Highlands of Scotland (in November - because we're a little nuts) - drinking whisky, going on long winding hikes through the hills and generally watering both of our Scottish roots. 

our recent honeymoon tothe scottish highlands...


Curling up in an overstuffed leather armchair (with a great coffee of course)
and reading anything and everything I can get my hands on. 

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Spending time outdoors. 
I grew up as part of a farming family, and spent most of my childhood running around in fields, chasing barn cats and gathering eggs from the chicken coop for my grandmother to use in her baking - being outside always takes me back to that kind of simplicity, so whenever I travel or have a down moment, I'm usually exploring and hiking. 

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Photographing couples who are madly in love. 
I mean, come on. What's better? ♥