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Wedding Signs you Will Need to Create:

  • Welcome Sign (usually placed at Ceremony site and brought to Reception)

  • Directional (Parking , Reception this Way, Cocktail hour)

  • Itinerary for the day so guests know what to expect optional

  • Bar Sign of what is available (gin, vodka, Coor’s Light… ginger ale, cola)

  • Gift + Card Table Signs (“Gifts”, “Cards”, and directions for guest book like taking Polaroids etc)

  • Signature Cocktail (Rob + Vera’s favourite drink: “Aperol Spritz”…. or an environmental cocktail “Muskoka Mule”)

  • Menus (usually at each place setting)

  • Table Numbers (individual for each table)

  • Guest Name Placecards

  • Gift tags for favours if you have them (“Here’s s’more love to take home with you - xo Rob + Vera”)

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