Our pint size powerhouse.
We met Jacqueline 10 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. She is one of our closest friends on this planet - we're truly
so lucky that Jacqueline fronts our videography team
+ creates epic films for us! 

Beyond being a cinematographer,
Jacqueline has a theatre and production background,
adding artistry and organization to her long list of skills. ♥  

She's ultra professional, takes the many responsibilities of a videographer incredibly seriously and is always our go-to-girl. Consider yourself lucky if you get to enjoy your wedding day with the adorably sassy, cute-as-a-button, and wholeheartedly genuine miss Costa.

xo Richelle & Eric


A glimpse into our Jacqueline's beautiful work...


from jacqueline...

I am so happy to be partnering with Eric Frank Cinema to create unique, breathtaking videos that capture the stand-alone excitement of wedding celebrations.

With a background in set and lighting design for the stage, I've been greatly influenced to have a serious passion for detail. I'm forever fascinated with light, colour, and texture; particularly when it can highlight the personality and style of our couples.  I love little moments as they unfold on a wedding day - the moments that might pass if you blink too quick.
I love that it's my job to slow down time for you!!

So who am I? I'm a total 'tinkerer'. *Ahem*, allow me to explain.
Tinkerer (tĭng′kər) n. a) a person skilled in various minor kinds of mechanical, tactile work b) to make repair or fiddle c) to get busy.

In other words, I love creating and making things better. In my off time, I love the outdoors and am crazy for paddle-boarding, cycling and I'm currently honing my skills as a rock-climber. Open to suggestions for other fun activities that can trick me into exercising. LOL.
You can find out more about me over here

There is no better feeling than celebrating love and the joys of life. If we get to know each other, get ready to feel all of the love. What better job is there to encompass all of this: how lucky am I to capture your wedding day? The ultimate celebration of happiness, love and life.

Let’s chat!  I am so excited to hear about YOU!
Can't wait to meet you both...
xo Jac


I can't wait to meet you!