engagement session prep



Styling + Clothing Choices
GIRL styling tips:
Bride Styling
Outfits: 2 outfits total
Soft waves + brown or neutral toned eye makeup + neutral/nude palette
Shoe options are important, might end up barefoot for some - but bring along strappy heels, sandals, ankle boot options. Rougher boots can also look really cool with a dress for a couple shots.
Flowy dresses are great (materials that move in the wind)
Colours: Pastel and pale colours are great
Not too "busy" is great
Great dress options at: Reformation is my absolute fave. You can purchase from their store or Nordstrom.
ASOS | Lulu's | Revolve Dresses | Aritzia | Anthropologie | Nordstrom | Reformation

BOY styling tips:

Inspiration: Groom Styling
Outfits: 2 outfits total
No logos on anything, remember to empty pocketsFootwear: chukkahs or brown boots - boots are SO great! No running shoes, or flip flops - ideally no sandals at all.
Facial hair: A little scruff is great (doesn't need to be clean shaven!)Tops: Colours: light blue, khaki, beige, textured grey or whiteShirt Styles: Oxford shirts are always perfect (Oxford shirts are button down shirts that are shorter than dress shirts and don't need to be tucked inOxford Shirt #1 at Gap + Oxford Shirt #2 at Gap
Henleys shirts are also amazing - best case would be one of each! Check out GAP, Zara + Gotstyle HenleysWhen all else fails, just bring a clean white t-shirt or white oxford as backup Accessories: Really into jean jackets on dudes - for a look like this. Hats are really cool, even if you're not a hat guy - they make for fun props. Pants: Most important is that he has well fitted pants or khakis or jeans (bring options, more the merrier!)
Best shops to check out: Zara Men, GAP, GotStyle, and H&M

Other Things to Bring:

Any HATS you guys have - wide brim/boater hat/field hat/anything! Wouldn't be for every shot, just a few! And looks great to carry them along.

A soft coloured blanket for sitting and snugz.

I'm happy to stay simple, but if you want to get a little playful or creative...things we could incorporate if you would like to get fancy:

Rent or borrow a vespa or bike

We could even do a simple picnic, white wine, pears, cheese, or champagne etc

Oysters + white wine


Muskoka docks


Champagne/white wine

I can keep going with suggestions if you'd like!

In case of Rain...

A note to mention that we will reschedule if it rains or if it doesn't look favourable on our chosen date. :) I say this because sometimes people book hair and makeup (which is great!) and then if the weather is bad --- it's nearly impossible to find a date for yourself, myself, and hair/makeup artists to reschedule to, or, you get charged the full rate. So, make sure you find artists that are flexible or aware of this possibility. :) Usually if they know beforehand, they are great about it.

If I could control the weather, I definitely would. As much as it's a bummer to reschedule, I always shoot engagements on a nice day - because I can't guarantee that your wedding day will not be rainy. ️But I can guarantee sunshine for the engagement!! Sound good?

I hope this helps, you two! Feel very free to text me from stores, or ask my opinions on everything - brides do it all the time as you already know, haha! Text me at 519-808-9822 - happy to help or advice!

HAIR and makeup

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