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While our main love is fine art photography... Eric has such pure talent for stringing together a wedding day or story through music & videoYou can enjoy them these films here.

With an organic style, we love highlighting the littlest details of your day and weaving them through the most important moments. 

Eric Frank Cinema offers boutique cinema coverage for a limited number of clients each year. We work with a select, handpicked artists when we bring both photo & video to your day.


Oh bonjour, nice to meet you! We are Richelle & Eric.
We are a husband & wife pair who love to love wildly - we are easily excited through travel, through meeting new faces, and through storytelling.  

We have created a life and business together in the 9 years we've been together - traveling for our beautiful couples to France, Italy, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico and we have hopped across the States to California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Oregon, Indiana, Michigan (and a few more!).  As newlyweds ourselves, we know how important exceptional documentation is - and will go to great lengths (& distances) 
to ensure that for you.


...is so much more than a few snaps to us. We strive to create timeless, and luminous
photographs & video through building a friendship with you. We love telling your story in the best way we know how to - by knowing you! Yay! 


Follow along for regular updates to see what we're up to!

We are currently living in Toronto in Canada.  
We've spent the better part of this past year living in PARIS, France... ou
r own newlywed journey has been seriously filled to the brim with adventures so far!  
Stay up-to-date on where we are and where we can connect by checking out our TRAVEL DATES...

our own wedding

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wedding images by the lovely Brumley & Wells
cafe image by our sweet Abbey Grace Photography